Analog Sunshine Recorders

Tourist, looking at/looking as

Chris Rohrer

Working collectively since 2009, the Oʻahu-based Analog Sunshine Recorders have made shooting trips to Japan, New Zealand, and the west coast of the continental U.S. The group began renting hotel rooms in Waikiki as an easy place to set up a darkroom and conduct a marathon print sessions (hotel room bathrooms rarely have windows). 

In December 2018, ASR took up residence at Aupuni Space, turning the gallery and its common areas into a working Black and White darkroom.

Chris Rohrer

Participants were asked to choose images around the theme of “Tourist, looking at/looking as.” After photographs were printed on site, they were displayed on the walls of the gallery.

Chris Rohrer

Here is a selection of the resulting work.

Dru Hara

Nate Nachtigal

Kali Alexander

Natalie Nakasone

Aja Toscano

Text by Donnie Cervantes. Mahalo to Chris Rohrer for coordinating this feature.