Tropic Zine is a new forum* for critical engagement with contemporary culture that seeks new connections between Hawaiʻi and the tropics worldwide. The emotional, social, and political narratives of the Islands are the foundation from which we build new connections between peoples and places of tropical diaspora. Imagine the publication as a dynamic web of relations, simultaneously drawn together and repelled by experiences of place. We embrace chaos,  queer modes of thinking, discontinuities, and hybridity. 

Tropic is based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. We are, however, interested in working with individuals and collectives from all over the world with ties to the tropics who explore issues of place and identity as they relate to art and cultural production.

*Tropic Zine is an annual print publication, a digital platform, and an organizing collective. Our editorial content includes essays, prose, art, interviews, photography; we are a collation of new creative material that follows no singular narrative.

Tropic Zine is published by Tropic Editions, a new non-profit publishing imprint.

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